Blue Dane is an innovator of pet treat products who is currently seeking to develop and expand into other geographic markets and is currently seeking investors.

The pet treat and food market in North America is $28 Billion dollars per year with an annual growth of 10% per annum and did not contract in the last recession. 

Blue Dane is currently bringing to market products that other companies are emulating in order to stay ahead of Blue Dane's innovation. 

Blue Dane is the first to bring a focus to muscle meat proteins, was the first to introduce Kangaroo, Buffalo, Miami Ribs and Snacks to the market place and is the first to introduce a safety measure in order to reduce bacteria on meat by adding Apple Cider Vinegar in our patent pending process.

If you are interested in investing in Blue Dane treats please reach out to us through our contact page and we will contact you within 24 hours.