The Dry Aging Process

BLUE DANE™ is the only manufacturer in North America to use a patent-pending Dry Aging Process with the use of Apple Cider Vinegar.


Blue Dane’s dry aging process causes the enzymes in the meat’s muscle cells to break down the proteins, fats, and glycogen into amino acids, fatty acids, and sugars.

It also creates the flavor that lends to our delicious meats and the reason behind Blue Dane’s near zero turn down rate.

Studies have shown that high level proteins are necessary and beneficial for dogs. Proteins are made up of two types of amino acids - essential and non-essential.

The quality of protein is determined by the volume of essential amino acids it contains and ones that contain all of the amino acids are considered complete.

The more amino acids a protein includes, the more digestible or “available” it is for a dog.

It is understood that cooking or dehydration at high heats, as well as freeze drying at extreme temperatures can destroy nutrients and enzymes in food and alters their makeup.

Extreme high or low temperatures or even prolonged exposure to minimal amounts of heat can alter amino acids chains making the essential amino acids less available and digestible to dogs.

At worst the protein is destroyed, and the very least the quality of the protein suffers. It seems the longer you expose proteins to heat the less useful they are.

Blue Dane‘s dry aging process uses little to no heat to produce the savory meat products while maintaining the quality of the essential amino acids.